Articles for the Month of April 2014

The Importance of Buying and Building Businesses

Our mission is to buy and build successful businesses.

It takes too many years to build a great business with amazing business strategies just to turn around and sell it to an unknown buyer. That’s why Industrial Renaissance is a unique type of investor who grows businesses for future generations. We have the experience to know better than to sell your business. We don’t buy businesses to flip them. We buy businesses to build them. We care about the companies we invest in.

Industrial Renaissance is not a private equity fund or venture capital fund. We’re a team of seasoned operators and business executives who have worked in businesses ranging from manufacturing to medical devices to aerospace technology.  Our principals and senior advisors have experience in a wide range fields and know how to improve businesses and take them to the next level. They are business strategists, not venture capitalists or business brokers. You may need a CEO or a strong partnership. We’re here to provide that for you. We like to help companies with a proven product and that need coaching as well as money. We don’t select companies based on the size of revenues or earnings, or the size of our equity investment. Our team’s business mission is to buy and build large, dominant, successful businesses.

We want to create business value, not invest in businesses that are already at their peak. We like underperforming companies that have been around for a long time.  We like companies that have developed a breakthrough technology and have a window of opportunity to capture market share.  Maybe they’re looking for new management, a new business strategy, or restructuring. Our team is flexible and can work in the capacity that suits any particular businesses needs. We diligently work to create business models that can fundamentally transform the companies we invest in and the industry segments in which they compete.

At Industrial Renaissance, we’re long-term thinkers and investors. We never charge an investor management fee. Instead, our incentives are aligned with, and in the best interest of the businesses we invest in. For us to make money, all of our investment partners, underachieving and high growth companies we invest in, need to make money. That’s unique in the business investment industry.

If your company is in financial trouble, you need a new CEO, have a disruptive technology, or you’re looking for a new business strategy, please call us today at 203.254.7420.