Portfolio Companies

Some of the companies that Industrial Renaissance has helped organize include

Engineered Products / Niche Manufacturing


Innova-Safety is a leading niche manufacturer of highly engineered professional safety and rescue equipment used in high-height anchorage and fall arrest applications. Its fall protection trolleys guard thousands of workers every day from falls. The company’s products are used by the American grain and feed industries; manufacturing facilities; railcar loading/unloading; mass transit; maintenance bays; aircraft maintenance hangars; barge loading/unloading; and the American dry bulk materials manufacturing and handling industries such as the plastics industry, flour mills, cereal manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, plastic molding and resin suppliers, powdered materials manufacturers, and many other dry bulk material industries. The company is also heavily involved in engineered confined space and high-height anchorage fall-arrest devices used widely by municipalities, water utility, electric and natural gas utility, chemical plants, steel mills, and oil refineries.


Asbestos and Lead Paint Abatement | Selective Demolition Services

 Certainty Environmental, LLC

Certainty Environmental, LLC provides asbestos abatement, lead paint abatement, and selective interior and exterior demolition services. Certainty Environmental serves the abatement needs of owners of commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential buildings, and homes. Locally owned and operated, and conveniently located in Westport, Connecticut, we provide abatement and selective demolition throughout Connecticut, the surrounding New England areas, and Metro New York. Our unique combination of skilled, licensed tradesmen and state of the art equipment can complete any job safely and with certainty. Certainty Environmental is licensed and insured in the state of Connecticut. We look forward to making your property a safer place to breathe, work, and live.


Sampling of Prior Investments

Service Businesses / Cloud-based Solutions

vtrenz iMarketing Automation

Vtrenz was a pioneer in SaaS (Software as a Service), Cloud-based marketing solutions. Vtrenz provided leading, affordable Enterprise Marketing Management (“EMM”) solutions for small and medium-size businesses (“SMBs”) that allowed its customers to save time, reduce costs, increase lead generation, increase sales opportunities and revenue. Deployed as an application solutions’ provider (“ASP”) or Cloud-based solution at an affordable annual subscription rate, the company possessed a disruptive business model to large software vendors that offered similar capabilities with (“EMM”) solutions that are unaffordable to SMBs with massive upfront prices plus large annual maintenance fees and internal IT costs. To deploy iMarketing Automation™, its clients required no software, no servers, and no IT department typical of other EMM solutions that are too costly for SMBs. The company merged with SilverPop in 2007, creating the largest on demand eMarketing service provider at that time. In 2008, Vtrenz was recognized by Forrester as the #1 Marketing Automation vendor based on both business value provided by the product and market suitability. In 2014, SilverPop was acquired by IBM for cash, largely to obtain the marketing automation capability originally developed by Vtrenz.

Other Prior Investments

In addition to the above, other industries that Industrial Renaissance principals have successfully invested in or worked in include:

  • Medical Devices / Orthopedic Implants Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing
  • Industrial Products Manufacturing
  • Software Companies / Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)
  • Data Services Providers
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Consumer Products Manufacturing
  • Cosmetics and Fragrances Manufacturing
  • Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing
  • Electronics and Computer Manufacturing
  • Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing
  • Re-manufacturing / Repair Industries
  • Global Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Trucks and Components Manufacturing
  • Specialty Foods Manufacturing and Retail
  • Textile-based Products Manufacturing
  • Fabricated Metal Parts Manufacturing